Therm-Tec, Inc.


Privately held corporation owned and operated by the same principles that formed and established the company in 1973. Corporate structure: "C". The only incinerator company in the U.S. owned and operated by the same principals since the company was formed. Therm-Tec has manufactured and installed over 2000 incinerators and crematories of various sizes and applications, which include Medical Waste Incinerators, General Waste Incinerators, Municipal Waste Incinerators, Shipboard Marine Incinerators, Human Crematories, Large Animal Crematories, Pet Crematories and Custom Specialized Incineration Equipment. Units have been installed in 16 foreign countries.


Manufacturing – 35,000 Sq. Ft. (New facility constructed in 1989 by owners of Therm-Tec, Inc.)  Offices: 6,000 Sq. Ft. (International and Corporate Headquarters) Located in Sherwood, a suburb of Portland, Oregon about 12 miles south from Portland city center. Approximately 30 minutes from Portland International Airport by freeway. (205 Freeway to I-5 Freeway)


All products sold by Therm Tec, Inc. are manufactured at the facility: Incinerators, Thermal Oxidizer Systems, Crematories, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Fabric Filters, Scrubbers, Hydraulic Systems, Computer Control Systems, Electrical Control Panels (U.L. Listed 508A Panel Shop) and Data Acquisition Programs, Casting and Forming of all Refractories, Welding and Pattern Cutting. Shop equipped with:  CNC Laser Cutting System, Metal Rolls, Metal Shear, Iron Worker, Press Break, Pattern Cutting System, Welding and Full Shop Tools for fabrication of the Therm-Tec products. No outside contractors or sub-fab shops are used in the manufacture of Therm-Tec’s products.


Design / Mechanical / Combustion Engineers on staff. The latest "AutoCad" software used in the design and engineering of the Therm-Tec products. We link to EPA and other agencies via internet for consistent update information.


Therm-Tec is a UL508A manufacturer of Industrial Contol Panels (E181156).  All control panels and programming is designed, engineered and constructed by Therm-Tec in-house . 


Engineering and technical support is part of Therm-Tec’s mission to service our clients. Startup and training is available from our factory technicians and our trained representatives. In some cases equipment is linked directly to the factory for immediate ON LINE help. A centralized computer data system contains ALL parts used in the manufacture of  Therm-Tec’s equipment and maintains a record of every project that has been manufactured. A large parts inventory is maintained at the factory for immediate response to client's requirements.


Sales representative firms are located in: Alaska; Washington; Colorado; Texas; Kansas; Minnesota; Illinois; Louisiana; Florida; Alberta, Canada; Vancouver BC, Canada; Thailand; Philippines; Hong Kong; Korea; Mainland China; Taiwan; Guam; Singapore; South America; and Australia.

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