A-P-TL Top Load Models, Large Animals

Designed For : Large Animal Control Facilities,
Humane Societies & Pathology Laboratories
 Hydraulic Cart Dump Units - Manual Ash Removal
Model A-8-P-TL
Per Day
*Unit Weight
Outside Dimensions
L x W x **H
Inside Dimensions
L x W x H
A-6-P-TL 5,000/2,268 42,500/19,278 250"/635cm x 162"/411cm x 112"/284cm 102"/259cm x 60"/152cm x 67"/170cm 24'/7.3m 33'-4"/10.2m
A-8-P-TL 6,000/2,722 56,850/25,787 272"/691cm x 195"/495cm x 133"/338cm 110"/279cm x 72"/183cm x 90"/229cm 24'/7.3m 38'-3"/11.7m
Load 6 to 8 Hours, Burndown & Cooldown Required
May Be Loaded From Ground Level or Any Other Elevation such as Existing Dock or Platform or Custom Platform
May Be Designed To Use Your Existing Carts or Our Custom Carts (As Shown)
Btu Value Of Animals Estimated At 1,000 Btu's Per Pound - Burn Rate Dependent On Btu And Density Of Waste
Detailed Construction Specifications Available On Request
*Approximate Weight
**Height To Top Of Secondary Combustion Chamber (Afterburner)
***Included With Unit
"A-P-TL" Models Are Available With 1, 1-1/2 Or 2 Seconds Retention In The Secondary Combustion Chamber
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