Human Crematories

Most Unique Advanced Design For Cremation Units On The Market


  • Simple Controls, 10" touch screen with PLC operational control (by HMI)
  • Space-age interior lining for maximum energy efficiency for rapid heat up and cool down
  • Durable, replaceable tile floor feature for low cost replacement
    • Crematory is a solid hearth construction
  • 21" load height (church truck height) no need for space-consuming elevating table
    • Twin hydraulic cylinders for load door operation
    • Stainless steel view port on loading door
  • Main burner fires from the rear for full hearth coverage
    • No need to re-position case during cremation process
  • Color selection: attractive Hammertone finish - Silver Grey, Light Blue, Brown, Mid Green
  • Technical information is supplied for air pollution permitting
  • Meets all national environmental regulations
  • Highly qualified sales & service representatives:
    • Four major locations in the U.S.A.
      • West Coast States, Central States, Southern States, North-East States
    • Canada, Europe
  • Therm Tec crematory units include refractory lined stacks and remains removal tools
  • Therm Tec crematories are the only units utilizing twin burners in the secondary combustion chamber to assure "Air Quality" discharge standards with 99% combustion efficiency operation
SQC-300 Case Size: up to 650 lbs. (Click Here For Dimensions)
SQC-400 Case Size: up to 1,000 lbs. (Click Here For Dimensions)
Therm-Tec Crematories are a modular Crematory that is a total packaged system. The Crematory design is the latest "State Of The Art" construction using composite ceramic lining in the upper section of the unit for low heat transfer and storage, with rapid pre-heat and cool down. Therm-Tec Crematories are the only units utilizing a redundant afterburner system to assure "AIR QUALITY" discharge standards are met due to a possible secondary burner failure during a burn cycle.
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Models S-27-GF & SQC-300

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