General/Solid/Medical Waste Incinerators

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AR-400-2-1, Medical Waste Incinerator
AR-45-1, 2 Cell General/Solid/Medical Waste Incinerator
A-2, 1-Cell General/Solid/Medical Waste Incinerator
G-16 Medium General/Solid/Medical Waste Incinerator
G-6 Small General/Solid/Medical Waste Incinerator
CG-12 Containerized Model Interior
CG-12 Containerized Model
AR-1250-2-2 General/Solid/Medical Waste Incinerator
A-4-2-1, 1 Cell General Waste Incinerator In Taiwan
AR-800, 3 Cell Medical Waste Incinerator


Therm-Tec, Inc. is proud of its reputation as one of America's oldest and most technologically advanced designers, engineers and manufacturers of Special-Use Incinerators, Heat Recovery Systems and Air Pollution Control Equipment. Therm-Tec's technology in each of these areas is designed to provide the most environmentally safe and practical solutions to the needs at hand.


  • 23 models to choose from to fit your needs from 300 to 10,000 lbs. per day
  • Easy to load and easy to operate
  • Low loading height
  • Heavy Duty lined stacks included
  • Ram Feeder options
  • No visible emissions and no odor
  • Pre-Piped and pre-wired at the factory
  • No grease leakage
  • Built for long life
  • Automatic temperature control for maximum efficiency
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