G-12 & G-16 Models

Designed For : General/Solid/Medical Waste
Medium Batch Load Units - Manual Ash Removal
   Model G-12                                                  Model G-16
Per Day
*Unit Weight
        Outside Dimensions
              L x W x **H
   Inside Dimensions
            I.D. x L
G-12 1,100/499 13,000/5,897 102"/259cm x 79"/200cm x 97"/246cm 50"/127cm x 64"/163cm 18'/5.5m 26'-1"/7.95m
G-16 1,500/680 14,000/6,350 114"/289cm x 79"/200cm x 97"/246cm 50"/127cm x 75"/191cm 18'/5.5m 26'-1"/7.95m
Load 6 to 8 Hours, Burndown & Cooldown Required
Btu Value Of Waste Estimated At 1,000 Btu's Per Pound - Burn Rate Dependent On Btu And Density Of Waste
Detailed Construction Specifications Available On Request
*Approximate Weight
**Height To Top Of Secondary Combustion Chamber (Afterburner)
***Included With Unit
"G" Models Are Available With 1, 1-1/2 Or 2 Seconds Retention In The Secondary Combustion Chamber


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