CAC & SQC Model Animal Crematories

Specially Designed Animal Crematories
For Multiple Segregated Animal Cremations
And Large Animals

Batch Load Units - Manual Ash Removal


                              Model CAC-400                                                             Model SQC-300-P


     Model CAC-300 Interior                      Model CAC-400 Interior


Per Load
  *Unit Weight
     Outside Dimensions
            L x W x **H
   Inside Dimensions
           I.D. x L
 CAC-300      6-8      17,800/8074 153"/389cm x 88"/224cm x 106"/269cm 53"/135cm x 96"/244cm 18'-5.5m  26'-10"/8.18m
 CAC-400     8-12     26,900/12,202 170"/432cm x 98"/249cm x 112"/284cm 63"/160cm x 109"/277cm 18'/5.5m 27'-4"/8.33m
 SQC-300-P     8-12    27.415/12428 148"/376cm x 87"/221cm x 84"/2134cm 100"/254cm x 42"/1067 x 43"/1067 18'/5.5m 29'-8"/9.04m
Aerospace Lining In The Upper Section Of The Main Chamber For Maximum Heating Efficiency
Heavy Duty Refractory Floor With Overlay Of Replaceable Heavy Duty Refractory Tiles
(SQC-300-P not available with replaceable tiles)
Hearth Sloped Toward Burner For Liquid Control
Burner Positioned For Direct Contact With The Hearth To Assure Complete Cremation
Batch Loaded Two To Three Cycles Per Day
Btu Value Of Animals Estimated At 1,000 Btu's Per Pound - Burn Rate Dependent On Btu And Density Of Waste
Detailed Construction Specifications Available On Request
*Approximate Weight
**Height To Top Of Secondary Combustion Chamber (Afterburner)
***Included With Unit


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